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It's a jungle out there, and navigating it requires a real pro. You can count on Dj Seven to get you anywhere worth being gotten to.



As a kid Dj Seven was always involved in music, learning to play the Saxophone. In high school, as an intern he learned video production for Match Frame Production which has allowed him to excel in his love for different genres of music and creating videos that are independent works that reflect his style and talent. Dj Seven is a gifted DJ with a superb sense in Crowd Control ,Mixing and Turntablism. His sound has been greatly received in the community and the club scene through out the U.S.. 
Dj Seven began pursuing his career in late 2000, doing sessions with live musicians on stage As a result his music genres vocabulary began to grow of all genres. He has done countless collaboration with artists in transcending genres, such as Funk, Rock, Country ,Old school Hip hop, Electro, Dub Step and Trap. He also has a wide variety of mash up and transitions that reflect his different music styles.Dj Seven Has open for many artist In the game

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